4 Means of travel that all of us know about from another perspective


Since ancient times, man has been moving from place to place in search of water, food, and safe housing. These three elements made him roam the earth as much as he could to preserve his life and the life of his people.

The first man used his feet as a means of mobility, and was the means available before him, but the long distances, and moving almost permanently from one place to another made him think to find another way to ease the trouble of long-distance walking, was a series of developments in transport, travel Throughout the ages, which I will list to you, and its importance in later lines

Means of travel

Wild animals

Animals: Since ancient human, he used them in his food, and in his care, and in the movement, and his migration, until it became his right arm depends on everything, it helped him a lot, and rode it away after the distances he walked on foot , carrying the needs, and trade in convoys touring the countries, from India, to the Arabian Peninsula, without groaning, or complaining distance

Perhaps one of the most important animals used as means of travel, and is still used in the same purpose but on a narrower scale: horses, camels, donkeys and that was in the year five thousand BC.

Cars, and large transport buses: multiple means of land travel according to its purpose, small and medium cars transport passengers in limited areas, they transport goods, and passengers within the country, and outside the countries that share the land border, for example: transport lines connecting Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Iraq by road

Trains: Another form of transport, traveling from one place to another, is a set of connected locomotives of vehicles moving on special tracks called railways. These trains are two metal tracks installed in two different directions, placed along the transmission line from, to the line of travel, operating in several forms of energy, there are coal trains and trains running oil and other electricity, which made them compete strongly other means of travel for several reasons:

  • They are cheap and relatively stable prices unlike expensive plane tickets
  • Can load a larger number of passengers, cargo compared to buses, cars, and aircraft as well
  • The traveler enjoys stunning views, beautiful throughout the trip, with the possibility of reading a book, or listening to music

Maritime transport

Vessels are the most common means of maritime transport. They transport passengers and goods between countries that have maritime borders. They are characterized by the large size of their cargo and the passengers loaded according to the size of the ship. Large ships can carry more than 5,000 passengers on their backs. Each time, but the disadvantages are the length of time needed by the ship to reach the destination required, and the high prices of tickets compared to other means of transport

Air travel:

Aircraft is one of the most widely used and popular among passengers.

 It has many advantages and disadvantages.

Aircraft features:

Safety, comfort, organization, and the comfort of the traveler within the presence of a crew of hosts, and hosts on board all passenger aircraft

Aircraft defects:

  • The need to be at the airport to complete the travel procedures at least two hours before the scheduled dat.
  • The limited availability of goods, or the needs of the traveler, as the aircraft determine certain weight that the traveler can carry with him while traveling on board
  • Prevent the loading of some things on board, such as liquids in general, gold, silver, metals and others