The most important media

Personal transportation: It is the transmission of news among people and the exchange of views through direct talk. The news is negative, as people listen to and defend the news and views without being sure. Most people interact with the news and do not know the purpose of publishing. This news and analysis

Publications and posters: This is a means of rapid spread among people, and is useful in the election campaigns and add different effects to help the rapid spread such as colors, images, and clear line clear

Lectures and conferences: This method helps in the transfer of different views, and you need to choose the right time and the appropriate method of subtraction to convince the recipient

Newspapers and magazines: It is a widespread and influential media, which carries news, studies and analyzes

Radio: It is an effective means of transmitting news, and is accepted by many people and is the source of receiving only news to them

TV Broadcasting: Television is one of the most widespread media, the most dangerous of all, because the person receives visual and audio effects that can affect the receiver more, in addition to the presentation of many programs and series that affect the viewers, and television takes a lot of people’s lives And affects their ideas and attitudes

Internet: The Internet has become widespread and is now one of the most influential media, and the Internet enters almost every home without censorship, which is a serious matter that needs follow-up by parents