5 Marvelous places you must visit in Indonesia

5 Marvelous places you must visit in Indonesia

Travel to Indonesia

Many people dream of traveling to Indonesia, despite being classified as developing and poor countries, not because of the enjoyment of restaurants and first-class hotels, but to enjoy its nature and its most beautiful surroundings amidst its cultural and cultural diversity. Indonesia is characterized by its semi-tropical climate due to its equator Where it is dominated by two seasons only, one dry and the other Matter and floods and hurricanes and prefer to visit Indonesia in the dry season to be able to enjoy its natural beauty and mobility among its islands of 17 thousand islands.

Tips before traveling

  • Before traveling to Indonesia, it is advisable to get vaccinated against some of the diseases that are prevalent
    • To ensure the use of closed mineral water for drinking, due to the large percentage of pollution in the drinking water in which the local population is accustomed to, but it may cause poisoning to tourists and new visitors to Indonesia
    • Maintain a sun visor in the handbag and hats on the head to avoid being subjected to stinging sunburns and strong sunstrokes

Tourism in Indonesia

In Indonesia as well as picturesque nature and water, ancient monuments look out.

The food

The Indonesian tourist cannot start the tour in Indonesia before eating the smell of the swan, which manipulates the feelings of tourists in all corners of the country popular and high, Indonesian food is known for the diversity of flavors and colors, in addition to the use of spices in large quantities and professionalism, which shows the food taste and flavor new and distinctive

Leisure Activities

The large number of islands in Indonesia has helped diversify and diversify recreational activities from one area to another, commensurate with the nature of each island, some of which are known for their skiing, diving, and overflowing waters. On the sand, due to the proximity of these islands, the tourist can enjoy all leisure activities within days

Floating markets in water

One of the new and exotic features that tourists will encounter in Indonesia is the vegetable and fruit markets in the water. The vendors offer vegetables and fruit in small wooden boats and move in designated areas near the beaches for display and sale to pedestrians.

Places to visit in Bali

  • Kuta Beach: Kuta Beach is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Mali, which is a destination for visitors from all over the world. It is characterized by its golden smooth sand, high waves that attract surfing enthusiasts and many restaurants and cafés with its varied services.
    • Nusa Dua Beach: It is distinguished from other beaches by offering many events and events for visitors, as well as many recreational activities such as marine water sports such as sailing parachute, beautiful banana vessels, and there are many restaurants that offer the most delicious food and drinks
    • Jimbaran Beach: What is unique about this beach is the whiteness of its sand, the lighted candles around it, as well as its many restaurants overlooking the Indian Ocean, which offers many seafood meals
    • Shambuhan waterfall: Shambuhan waterfall is located in the village of Getgat, where water flows from the Yehe Lambah River and the Dalim Panguq River, where it is rich in trees and surrounding agricultural crops
    • Jet Waterfall: Located in the north of the island, near Bhawana Bang Kong Temple

Tips you must read before travelling to china

Tips you must read before travelling to china

Traveling to China There is no doubt that traveling to China is a topic that appeals to a large segment of people, to return memories and unforgettable images of this ancient country that, with patience and determination, has become a world-class industrial and commercial country. China receives a large number of tourists and visitors every year in search of the beauty of Chinese nature and learn about the unique Chinese civilization in terms of customs, food and various affairs, and attract a large number of visitors to China for trade and purchase of various Chinese goods

Tips before traveling to China

Travel to China requires some planning and management before traveling there, as well as identifying some important things that help the traveler during his trip there, and it is important to check the passport to be valid at the time of travel and extends for several months, to avoid the occurrence Complications during travel

Language and currency

To learn a part of the Chinese language, it will make it easier for the traveler to navigate the streets of China. It will also make it easier for him to deal with and discuss with merchants while shopping, and help deepen the Chinese culture more, while studying the Chinese currency and its value compared to known currencies. Restaurants, transportation and markets

Chinese food

Chinese habits are characterized by the use of chopsticks instead of spoons and spoons, it is important to learn the right way to catch them and pick up food, to avoid obstacles, it is nice to go to traditional Chinese restaurants to enjoy Chinese food popular taste and form for any food in different countries of the world


On the streets of China there are various means of transport from taxis to buses and trains connecting different regions and cities, it is easy to locate them with the help of the local people and ask for help, where they know their friendly and hospitable nature, especially with visitors and foreigners

Visit areas

It is difficult to visit all the tourist areas in China during one trip. China has a vast area with a diversity of nature, between high mountains, deserts, green pastures and dense forests. It is preferable to select one destination for a visit or two and enjoy it during the trip instead of traveling Here and there

The Great Wall of China: One of the oldest wonders of the world, although it extends over a large area of ​​6,400 km2 along the northern region of China, it was built manually without the use of machinery. Its history dates back to the 4th century BC. Of enemies
Potla Palace, dating back to the 7th century. The Palaces are located at the highest point in Mount Hongshan at 3,700 meters. The Palace is the world’s tallest collection of buildings, with a large number of palaces and temples linked together.
The Forbidden City: Located in the heart of Beijing, one of the most important and most attractive tourist icons in China, the Forbidden City is the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is a large and multi-purpose building, which took 14 years to build from the early 15th century AD


4 Means of travel that all of us know about from another perspective

4 Means of travel that all of us know about from another perspective


Since ancient times, man has been moving from place to place in search of water, food, and safe housing. These three elements made him roam the earth as much as he could to preserve his life and the life of his people.

The first man used his feet as a means of mobility, and was the means available before him, but the long distances, and moving almost permanently from one place to another made him think to find another way to ease the trouble of long-distance walking, was a series of developments in transport, travel Throughout the ages, which I will list to you, and its importance in later lines

Means of travel

Wild animals

Animals: Since ancient human, he used them in his food, and in his care, and in the movement, and his migration, until it became his right arm depends on everything, it helped him a lot, and rode it away after the distances he walked on foot , carrying the needs, and trade in convoys touring the countries, from India, to the Arabian Peninsula, without groaning, or complaining distance

Perhaps one of the most important animals used as means of travel, and is still used in the same purpose but on a narrower scale: horses, camels, donkeys and that was in the year five thousand BC.

Cars, and large transport buses: multiple means of land travel according to its purpose, small and medium cars transport passengers in limited areas, they transport goods, and passengers within the country, and outside the countries that share the land border, for example: transport lines connecting Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Iraq by road

Trains: Another form of transport, traveling from one place to another, is a set of connected locomotives of vehicles moving on special tracks called railways. These trains are two metal tracks installed in two different directions, placed along the transmission line from, to the line of travel, operating in several forms of energy, there are coal trains and trains running oil and other electricity, which made them compete strongly other means of travel for several reasons:

  • They are cheap and relatively stable prices unlike expensive plane tickets
  • Can load a larger number of passengers, cargo compared to buses, cars, and aircraft as well
  • The traveler enjoys stunning views, beautiful throughout the trip, with the possibility of reading a book, or listening to music

Maritime transport

Vessels are the most common means of maritime transport. They transport passengers and goods between countries that have maritime borders. They are characterized by the large size of their cargo and the passengers loaded according to the size of the ship. Large ships can carry more than 5,000 passengers on their backs. Each time, but the disadvantages are the length of time needed by the ship to reach the destination required, and the high prices of tickets compared to other means of transport

Air travel:

Aircraft is one of the most widely used and popular among passengers.

 It has many advantages and disadvantages.

Aircraft features:

Safety, comfort, organization, and the comfort of the traveler within the presence of a crew of hosts, and hosts on board all passenger aircraft

Aircraft defects:

  • The need to be at the airport to complete the travel procedures at least two hours before the scheduled dat.
  • The limited availability of goods, or the needs of the traveler, as the aircraft determine certain weight that the traveler can carry with him while traveling on board
  • Prevent the loading of some things on board, such as liquids in general, gold, silver, metals and others