4 Types of News we all must know the differences between them

A press release is a written text that deals with the transfer of an event or a series of events about a certain thing. It is important to be credible, objective, that is, not to over-describe or to add words and phrases that may change the underlying idea , Or make it unrealistic

The book of news is interested in writing texts that are followed by a great follow-up by the readers, and the more important the content of the news story, the more it will be able to play its news,

The writer of news stories should have the necessary skills to write distinctive texts in order to do his work in an appropriate manner. Sometimes the content of the news story is controlled by the nature of his writing, so each story has its own writing style. For example, or economic, characterized by a serious nature; because they raise important issues, and differ from the texts of general issues, such as: social studies, and other types of other, the press news texts

Types of News

For press releases, a variety of species, including:

News Report

It is a press release that explains a news story. The daily news reports are published on the front pages of the newspapers and are interested in discussing or presenting topics, local and international issues that may be recent or have been in public for some time.
The purpose of the news report is to explain the details of the report’s content, the reasons, and the factors that led to the news, such as the news report: a news story about the decline in oil prices, looking at the reasons for this.

The report (photo report)

This press release is prepared through a television visual media, and is recently made using social media sites, especially for video recording.
The report is taken from the English word (Report) and its meaning in the Arabic language (report). The report is concerned with presenting the news in audio and video so that it can be documented better. It also contributes to ensuring its reliability and validity on child labor in poor areas.

Press interviews

Is the news obtained directly from the source, usually this source is the person responsible for the event, is interviewed either by coincidence, or by a date of advance, may be summarized interview, and written in the form of press news, or television.
The content of the interview and the duration of the interview depends on the nature of the event, or the related news. Examples of interviews include interviewing a famous political or literary figure.

Press ahead

Is to obtain the press news exclusively, in particular the news media, or the media, and seek all the media, to obtain a previous journalist on many events, especially associated with celebrities such as writers, artists, athletes, and others.
When you get a journalist, write the word (exclusive), to indicate the privacy, and that the media that got the news, is the first to get it, for example: a newspaper about the portrayal of a new television series