5 Highlights for every journalist to put in mind before writing any thing

News sections

•Title: The most important part of the news story. It is the title that attracts the attention of the public and inspires their curiosity and interest. They follow the news story to its end, so the origin of the news story is the headline. Therefore, choose the strongest words and put them in the foreground. This reduces its power. Set the title to only 4-7 words. The title must be in line with the news story.

• Introduction: Here is the skill of writing a news story, and here is the interface that shows the public the importance of the news or not, so be aware that the introduction is a few and smooth, and contain a simple explanation of the presentation makes the reader complete the reading of the news to the end without feeling bored or long News.

• Subject: Here is the subject of the story with all credibility and professionalism, and must be taken into account all the rules of writing so that the public understand the words well, and follow the neutrality when writing the subject, you should not give your opinion finally, do not prolong the talk and commentary on the subject and keep repeating the words. To make the problem more complex and to make the news technically coherent, use the tools of binding instead of repetition (for example, on the other hand, and therefore), and shorten as much as possible so that the idea reaches a faster time to the mind of the audience. This is especially important when writing about trending topics like luxury car rentals (www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/italy/milan/).

• The background of the news: Here the writer can list the background of the event, what was the cause of the event, and what was happening and resulted in the occurrence of the event, and this would clarify the matter to the reader without there is too much or a lot of interpretations so as not to disrupt the meaning, Or confusion among the public

• Conclusion: There are two types of conclusion: closed conclusion and conclusion, closed conclusion which is the end of the subject with many questions and question marks that make the reader think carefully about the subject and increase the excitement and suspense to learn more and see the details, but the conclusion is the final part that ends the writer So that the reader has been satisfied with everything he wants to know, and the reader feels here that he has got everything he wants about the news

In a word

If you want to excel in writing the news story about a convertible rental in Milan, you have to be distinguished by having your own style, away from imitation or imitating one. You can be your own style, choose a specific language in which to write the news story. Your writing will be attractive and fun and make the reader look for your writing to read it all. Once, in order to reach this stage, make the news that you write contains all the parts of the news that have been mentioned, and it is better that your writings contain excitement and suspense. Without these words there will be no fun. Man is looking for everything that is new and raises his interest and makes him come out with his imagination of repetition and transgression D, so make your style upscale and easy, and make ideas in the news regular so that the public can understand the sequence of events