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News agencies

(News agencies), also known as news agencies, is an organization or institution that collects local and international news in many news areas such as politics, economics, etc. News agencies are defined as a set of research tools that rely on news, documenting them in order to transmit them by means of writing, television, or the Internet. The news agencies operate continuously, on a week-long basis without interruption

History of news agencies

The history of the news agencies dates back to the 19th century, when the daily newspapers began to care about the existence of regional offices. These offices then became international branches in more than one country. Hence the idea of ​​establishing news agencies around the world. France is one of the first countries to It was established in France in 1835. It was founded in France by the “Havas” news agency, which was interested in translating and conveying the world news to the French language. In 1840, the agency “Havas” became known as the Agency France Presse, exist to this day in 1853, the idea of ​​news organizations spread in countries such as England, Germany, and the United States. England developed the idea of ​​telegraph in sending and receiving news. In 1907, the United States established an association that was interested in merging newspapers together to facilitate the work of the news agency on the news from more than one source and was able in 1927 to develop the work of the US news agency, especially in the time period between the First World Wars, and the second.

Types of news agencies

One of the most important types of news agencies in the world:

• International news agencies: Known as the “International News Agencies”, news agencies that are interested in collecting the largest number of news related to many countries in the world, contains news sections specialized in the local affairs of each country in the world, and works in every A specialized team of journalists and news correspondents who are interested in following the news of countries permanently

• Semi-international news agencies: Known in English as “Semi International News Agencies”, also known as regional news agencies, a news agency that does not cover all international news, but covers a specific group of countries in the world, covering the Middle East, European countries, and these news agencies are developing into global news agencies

• Local news agencies: Local News Agencies are agencies that are interested in the affairs and local news of the country in which they are located. They usually only care about international news if they are very important, have a global impact, or are related to the country in which they are located. Local news agencies are keen to collect news on all areas within the country and to disseminate it using press outlets such as daily newspapers, news bulletins on local television stations.a