5 Marvelous places you must visit in Indonesia

Travel to Indonesia

Many people dream of traveling to Indonesia, despite being classified as developing and poor countries, not because of the enjoyment of restaurants and first-class hotels, but to enjoy its nature and its most beautiful surroundings amidst its cultural and cultural diversity. Indonesia is characterized by its semi-tropical climate due to its equator Where it is dominated by two seasons only, one dry and the other Matter and floods and hurricanes and prefer to visit Indonesia in the dry season to be able to enjoy its natural beauty and mobility among its islands of 17 thousand islands.

Tips before traveling

  • Before traveling to Indonesia, it is advisable to get vaccinated against some of the diseases that are prevalent
    • To ensure the use of closed mineral water for drinking, due to the large percentage of pollution in the drinking water in which the local population is accustomed to, but it may cause poisoning to tourists and new visitors to Indonesia
    • Maintain a sun visor in the handbag and hats on the head to avoid being subjected to stinging sunburns and strong sunstrokes

Tourism in Indonesia

In Indonesia as well as picturesque nature and water, ancient monuments look out.

The food

The Indonesian tourist cannot start the tour in Indonesia before eating the smell of the swan, which manipulates the feelings of tourists in all corners of the country popular and high, Indonesian food is known for the diversity of flavors and colors, in addition to the use of spices in large quantities and professionalism, which shows the food taste and flavor new and distinctive

Leisure Activities

The large number of islands in Indonesia has helped diversify and diversify recreational activities from one area to another, commensurate with the nature of each island, some of which are known for their skiing, diving, and overflowing waters. On the sand, due to the proximity of these islands, the tourist can enjoy all leisure activities within days

Floating markets in water

One of the new and exotic features that tourists will encounter in Indonesia is the vegetable and fruit markets in the water. The vendors offer vegetables and fruit in small wooden boats and move in designated areas near the beaches for display and sale to pedestrians.

Places to visit in Bali

  • Kuta Beach: Kuta Beach is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Mali, which is a destination for visitors from all over the world. It is characterized by its golden smooth sand, high waves that attract surfing enthusiasts and many restaurants and cafés with its varied services.
    • Nusa Dua Beach: It is distinguished from other beaches by offering many events and events for visitors, as well as many recreational activities such as marine water sports such as sailing parachute, beautiful banana vessels, and there are many restaurants that offer the most delicious food and drinks
    • Jimbaran Beach: What is unique about this beach is the whiteness of its sand, the lighted candles around it, as well as its many restaurants overlooking the Indian Ocean, which offers many seafood meals
    • Shambuhan waterfall: Shambuhan waterfall is located in the village of Getgat, where water flows from the Yehe Lambah River and the Dalim Panguq River, where it is rich in trees and surrounding agricultural crops
    • Jet Waterfall: Located in the north of the island, near Bhawana Bang Kong Temple