Useful Tools

The association of sculpture with other arts

Sculpture is one of the arts that are associated with each other and have existed for a long time to this day. When sculptors want to make a sculpture, the drawing must be used to outline the shape they want to draw, as well as the 3D dimensions of the object. The sculpture was present on the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, who excelled in carving the shapes and figures that still exist so far. They sculpted the statue of the Sphinx, which is one of the most Egyptian Pharaonic achievements, and they made the Great Pyramids, which is a symbol Pharaonic civilization ancient authentic

Sculpture Tools

  • Sculpting is not limited to certain materials, but it can be sculpted on many materials such as gypsum, wood, and rocks, using special tools specific to each material, including chisel, which is available in different sizes and shapes, including small, medium, and large, which are available They also have different heads, some with a pointed head, and wide, and high, as each type has a different use than the other
    • Knives with different heads are used for carving and engraving of small details, but are used for carving of low-hard objects such as clay, lime, gypsum and wood, in addition to the use of different type, size and shape to be used to paint various inscriptions in statues and objects
    • Road tools are tools used in the coordination and smoothing of stones, in addition to the presence of measuring tools, which is one of the most important materials and tools used in the process of sculpture, to determine the dimensions of the scale and measurements correctly and accurately, and must be available material that we want to make a statue or triangular Dimensions, such as gypsum, clay, wood, or stone.